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Sustainability Is Beautiful at Boston’s Twelve Chairs

photo by ashley o’dell

The concept of sustainability is often discussed in terms of positive impacts to people and the environment — which is all well and good, but can be a bit dry. A new shop called Twelve Chairs, in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston’s Innovation District, is helping people discover the beauty in sustainability.

Founders Roisin Giese and Miggy Mason, graduates of the interior design program at Cornell, have created a warm and comfortable display space in a soaring old industrial loft building. The furniture and accessories are all sourced from vendors and artisans who meet Twelve Chairs’ requirements for sustainability and social responsibility. The “People & Planet Principles” are grouped into four categories: local, healthy, conserving and responsible. This allows the shop owners — and their many satisfied clients — to be sure they’re getting interior furnishings that won’t adversely impact the world.

In addition, Twelve Chairs offers sustainable interior design services, a growing field that the women both discovered and embraced during their studies at Cornell. An online store is currently in development.

Giese and Mason also practice what they preach. They have sought out socially responsible business service providers such as banks and insurance companies. They are also preparing to apply for the new B Corp business designation.

Click the audio player below to hear more about Twelve Chairs.